Single Family Session

$150 Family session

You receive a private photoshoot with a photographer & assistant as well as 20 edited portrait images for $150.

You receive these on CD with full copyright release. If you just can't deicde and fall in love with more than 20 you can receive ALL portraits on CD for just an additional $100.

We have 5 beautiful acres we use on Summerhill Rd. There is an area that is heavily treed, next to it is a clear open field & also a winding gravel drive. This is nice because you can get 3 different looks in one spot. We also have many spots downtown we like to use. If you would like indoors we have an in home studio as well.

We encourage our clients to look on pintrest & other places to find some shots they love. We, like all photographers, have a certain style we generally use but we can make your portraits look any way you would like. We have lots of ideas but certainly welcome yours, after all these are your precious memories we are capturing & we want them to be exactly what you want.

$75-$125 Themed Sessions

We have various themed shoot throught the years on certain days. Attending these Themed shoots is a great way to save!

You get between 12-25 images! An example of some of our themed shoots are

Valentines (Giant Conversation Heart, Vintage Candy Machine, Kissing Booth, Giant Hersey's Kiss)

Bunny & Chick Pics for Easter
Mother's Day "Mommy & Me'
Father's Day
Diva's Day Off
Fairy Pixie Portraits (2 large mushrooms & over 30 costumes to choose from)
Muddle Puddle Pics
Princess (we have recently purchased an 8ft Castle Front & will have 20+ exqusite costumes to choose from!)
Pumpin Patch
Fall Norman Rockwell family

Private Santa Visits
Christmas Family Portraits
Vintage Beach-We have girls vintage inspired suits form 9 month-sz.10-boys can wear any solid colored trunk & along with the props & the effect we use on the images they look like they were taken long ago)
Tea Party Portraits
Have an idea you don't see here? Let us know.

$450 Large Family Portrait Package

This is for your whole family! Great for Parents with adult childen & grandchildren Ex: Parents with three adult children & 9 grandchildren. There will be portriats made of the entire family together as well as each individual Family unit, sibling portraits, cousin portraits, all adult children together, Grandparents with adult children, grandparents with grandchildren, individuals of each child, etc, etc

You will recieve a minimum of 80-100 edited portriat images as well as lots of originals. Each family will receive a CD of all edited portrait images with full print release!